About Us

About us

Having my roots in electronics engineering, I spend greater part of my life in the telecommunications business. My career went from commissioning and maintaining data communication centers, teaching and software consulting upto sales director realizing nationwide projects, mainly in Latin-America. All this time my main target has always been to understand and fulfill the interests and needs of my customers to their entire satisfaction. To accomplish this gave me full contentment.

Now retired, I'd like to offer you my experience, ideas and knowledge. Not by teaching you how to do your work, but assisting you on a temporarely basis whenever needed, so you can concentrate on more important things. Also my international experience may provide you benefit.


Jan J. Baas.

I was asked what the name Imparting Service means.
To explain this we consult the
The Free Dictionary
which explains “Imparting” as:

IMPART ( m-pärt )
tr.v.im·part·ed, im·part·ing, im·parts
To grant a share of; bestow: impart a subtle flavor; impart some advice.
2. To make known; disclose: persuaded to impart the secret.
3. To pass on; transmit: imparts forward motion.

Thus, in other words, we have the ambition to catalyze your work / business.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can talk about your requirements, your wishes, your ideas and how we can help you to realize this.




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