What can we do for you ???

We offer our services for different tasks on basis of a free-lance activity. We itemized some examples farther below. The activity can be requested for the duration of an hour up to a couple of days; for example, to run an errand or assist you with simple office work up to preparation of a (larger) tender, and/or a (larger) bid or proposal. The achievement is settled against billing.  Normally per achieved hour plus possible extra expenses.  Under circumstances, a lump sum is negotiable.  See to this also the model contract here

Some examples for our multilateral support: 

We can: 

  • Take care of your national and international customers and guests – for example, transfers from and to the airport / hotel / offices / factories, sightseeing, interactions with authorities, introduction for your customer students / guest students in the uses and facts of its whereabouts, etc.
  • Relocation Services - Definition here
  • Offer you support to master bottlenecks in your office works, assist you with the preparation of a tender information, preparing bids or offers, coordination of work-flows, etc.
  • Mediate know-how on technical, sales and commercial matters.
  • Mediate sworn in and qualified translation services, and/or own commercial or technical translations for you. 
  • Mediate between and/or for you between national and/or international partners.
  • These are only examples. Please, contact us and we’ll jointly seek  a solution for your matters.  We are looking forward to a good and successful collaboration. 



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