First of all:

A heartily WELCOME to these pages.


WHO are we?

JJbAAS Imparting Services offers all types of assistance to help you to do your work / business, help it to expand, to grow or simply arrange and execute things so you dedicate yourself to more important matters.

WHAT do we do?

We offer a Service to assist you with your work / business, so that it may push your business, resulting to be more effective, more lucrative, have more fun with it or simply keep your back free, arranging, executing or negotiate things for you.

WHY do we do this?

Because we have fun doing this!!
Of course we are not a philanthropic organisation, but we work efficient, reasonable and flexible on a free-lance-basis.

WHERE do we do this?

Our main action-area is in and around the City of Munich, Germany, but we can offer services in other parts of Europe and America. Please contact us and find out if we can be of your service.

WHEN can we get in action?

Principally at any moment.

HOW do we do this?

This depends on the assistance you need and what do you expect from us.
Principally we analize the situation and discuss with you the eventual steps to be taken or the assistance we can offer.


Customer’s interests come first.




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